Bitpipe Launches Site on EAI and Web Services

Nov 19, 2004

Bitpipe has launched a new Web site on EAI and Web Services that features white papers on the .NET framework, enterprise application integration, and B2B integration. The company has gathered together white papers and reports on the issue and made them available at

The site includes an overview of integration and Web services, with explanations of key terms, and links to related white papers, webcasts, and reports. For further information, professionals can sign up for a free newsletter with white papers, webcasts, case studies, and product information. The newsletter is sent out, via email, whenever there are new items related to the topic.

Some example reports include: "Migrating to a Service Oriented Architecture," "A User's Guide to BPM," "Connecting Business-Critical Applications Across and Beyond Your Enterprise," "Bulletproofing Web Services," and "Web Services: A Practical Introduction to SOAP Web Services." After reading these reports, visitors can browse through details on specific technologies and products. There are several other resources available on the site, such as a "first steps" plan, which can be followed when implementing an integration solution.