Binary Brilliant Releases Brilliant Database 5.0

Nov 07, 2006

Binary Brilliant Inc. has released the Brilliant Database 5.0 line of products, which includes Brilliant Database Pro, Brilliant Db. Workplace, and Brilliant Database SDK. The main product of the line is Brilliant Database Pro--a tool for creating and managing modern databases, intended both for professional and intermediate-level users. It does not require the installation of special servers or any other software and, therefore, is available to most users working under Windows 2000 or XP. Features of this program are database creation and customization options--from the database structure and the appearance of input forms to the creation of a user's own toolbar buttons and assigning hotkey combinations to user-defined actions. Brilliant Database Pro supports other database formats--it can export to and import data from Access, Excel, Lotus, Plain, and tab/comma-separated databases.

The program's interface is based on a number of wizards designed to enable users to create custom data input and output forms, design simple and complex queries, create reports, use Excel-style formulas, create templates for Microsoft Word integration, HTML-export and web publishing, and configure the program interface. Version 5.0 brings better networking stability and speed, improved database creation tools and more interface customization possibilities. The other two products of the Brilliant Database 5.0 line are Brilliant Db. Workplace and Brilliant Database SDK. Brilliant Db. Workplace is a version of Brilliant Database Pro optimized for network operations. Brilliant Database SDK is a toolkit, which allows users to compile a created database into an independent *.exe application, and then distribute it free, without additional fees, on an unlimited number of computers. In the created application, a database developer can completely change all graphical (logotypes, icons) and textual elements, as well as forbid or permit execution of certain functions.

Brilliant Database Pro, Brilliant Db. Workplace, and Brilliant Database SDK support Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Windows 2000, and Microsoft Windows XP and cost $79, $29, and 499$ respectively. A free downloadable 15-day trial version is available from the Brilliant Database website. The products can be purchased from Plimus Corp., a distributor of Brilliant Database 5.0.