Belus Announces New Version of WYSIWYG Editor

Jul 22, 2005

Belus Technology has announced Version 1.6 of XStandard, a WYSIWYG editor for Windows desktop- and browser-based content management systems. The new version of XStandard focuses on improvements to Web Services that speed the authoring process, facilitate tighter integration between the editor and CMS, and extend the benefits of Web Services into shared-hosting environments. XStandard now supports versions 1.1 and 1.2 of SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol).

SOAP is a vendor-neutral XML technology used to exchange structured information across platforms and languages. In content management systems (CMS), SOAP enables popular authoring features such as file upload, image libraries and spell checking, and powers the critical relationship between a WYSIWYG editor and the CMS. XStandard now offers an ASP.NET version of Web Services for developers working in shared hosting environments. Shared hosting is an alternative for small and medium-sized businesses that don't require their own server, but ISPs typically won't allow customers to install software on a shared server. Search capability hooks using SOAP are also added to version 1.6 of XStandard. The new search feature is designed to speed up the authoring process by offering a faster way of locating files in image and attachment libraries.