Bell Canada Chooses Stellent CM

Oct 24, 2003

Stellent, Inc., a provider of content management solutions, has announced that Bell Canada, a Canadian communications provider, has selected Stellent, Content Management in an effort to enhance its call center operations. Bell Canada will use the Stellent system to create, manage, and publish content to an intranet site that is designed to help improve the speed and accuracy of customer service representatives' (CSRs) responses to customer calls. Stellent Content Management will act as a Web-based repository where CSRs can search for and retrieve information that customers need, such as rate plan information, phone specifications, and promotions. To ensure information shared with customers is accurate and current, approximately 500 Bell Canada employees will use Stellent to update content on the site.

Bell Canada also will use Stellent Content Management's language translation capabilities to offer content in both French and English, and the Stellent Connection Server to aggregate content from Bell Canada's other servers with information stored in the Stellent system. Bell Canada's intranet will be accessible to CSRs across four divisions and used by 13,000 users.

Stellent secured Bell Canada's implementation in conjunction with Locus Systems Inc., an integrator of J2EE and .NET-based applications. Locus specializes in the design, development, and implementation of multi-tier, enterprise architecture and development solutions; Web-enabled services accessible in wired and wireless protocols; and browser-based solutions for intranet, Internet, and extranet deployments.