BASE-10 Launches Version 5.1

May 09, 2006


BASE-10 Version 5.1 upgrade has launched containing enhanced system features and numerous user interface upgrades. General features of this latest version include: its development using the Microsoft .NET technologies; support for Unicode and multi-lingual sites; enhanced file system integration; performance enhancements; and additional configuration options available.

New functionality to this version includes: in-content asset management, where users can now edit the properties of assets (images, documents, and links) that have been placed into a content page; enhanced content copy / change workflow, where changes the assigned workflow (and template) of one or more content items; version copy, which copies a previous version of a content item to a new content item; folder copy, which copies a folder hierarchy and all assigned properties (workflows, permissions, etc.) to another folder; and file system folder management, which allows users to manage the physical Web site folder structure .

Content relations enhancements, include: the ability to allow developers and site planners to define custom relationship types globally within BASE-10. Content items can be related with other content items, assets, and asset galleries for use within the BASE-10 API; and ecommerce catalog import and export, which allows users to import and export products and skus to Microsoft Excel, CSV, or Microsoft Access formats.