Avid Active ContentManager Helps Bring Sony's SoapCity to the Web

Mar 28, 2003

Avid Technology, Inc. has announced that Sony Pictures Digital is using the Avid Active ContentManager to power its next-generation internet content delivery service and to distribute digital video over the Web. Sony Pictures Digital is currently using the Avid Active ContentManager for its SoapCity Download service, which launched on February 26, 2003, and is exploring opportunities to extend its use of Avid's solution into future service offerings. Avid Active ContentManager systems automate the process for collecting digital content from multiple sources and distributing it across numerous channels, including wireless devices, interactive television, and the Internet. The Avid Active ContentManager supports the digital distribution platform for SoapCity Download, the Sony Pictures Digital service that delivers full-length, commercially uninterrupted soap opera episodes to broadband computer users. SoapCity Download allows viewers to stop, start, fast-forward, rewind, and pause episodes. The Avid Active ContentManager technology is a Java-based enterprise-class content management system designed to deliver text, video, and other dynamic content to multiple outlets. The solution provides the flexibility of an open architecture to allow the quick management and deployment of content. This type of automated functionality enables media production professionals, such as Sony Pictures Digital, to reduce the time it takes to deliver content to a range of outlets, including wireless devices, interactive television, and the Internet.

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