Autonomy Launches New Eduction Module

Jan 21, 2003


Autonomy Corporation, a provider of infrastructure software for the enterprise, announced the release of the Autonomy Eduction  module. The Autonomy Eduction module automatically analyzes unstructured text and extracts the pertinent information in order to form complex metadata. Metadata is the information that describes the document type and content, and is used to improve information retrieval, navigation, storage and transfer within the enterprise. Autonomy's automatic technology which underpins the Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) into which the new Eduction module fits, not only removes the manually intensive and costly process of creating complex metadata, but produces it in real time. Autonomy‚s technology extracts information contained in repositories, including metadata stored in database records, file records, and on Internet pages. Once this information is captured and processed through Autonomy's Intelligent DataOperating Layer all applications built upon this layer can take advantage of the metadata and the business rules they embody. Autonomy's Eduction module can be customized to organize new information via user defined rules in the plain tagging process, through concept-value tagging which uses predefined models to train by example or through a combination of both methods.