Autonomy Announces "ControlPoint for Multimedia" Solution for Microsoft Customers

Mar 03, 2009


Autonomy Corporation plc, a provider of infrastructure software for the enterprise, announced "ControlPoint for Multimedia", a solution for customers using Microsoft SharePoint Server (MOSS).Powered by Autonomy's Meaning Based Computing technology, Autonomy's ControlPoint for Multimedia uses a conceptual approach to analyze and retrieve rich media content within MOSS. Autonomy ControlPoint for Multimedia enables live or recorded speech to be processed, edited, searched, and hyperlinked. Users have the ability to combine conceptual ideas and search phrases with metadata such as date, speaker, inbound/outbound, duration, and emotion. Autonomy ControlPoint for Multimedia recognizes speakers in rich media files.Autonomy ControlPoint for Multimedia integrates with MOSS to deliver: Encoding and indexing of rich media content, automatically creating metadata, and the ability to manage, repurpose, and archive digital assets.