Artesia and Telestream Partner with BBDO New York

Apr 25, 2003

Artesia Technologies, a provider of enterprise digital asset management solutions, and Telestream, a provider of automated media encoding and delivery solutions, jointly announced that they have partnered with BBDO New York, an advertising agency, to implement a new digital media management and workflow automation system. The initiative will enable BBDO to replace manual processes with digital technology. Encompassing brand assets and other rich media used to support television, radio, print and online campaigns, the system will allow users to access, use, and repurpose these materials while working collaboratively with co-workers and clients in the development of new programs and campaigns. BBDO New York's adoption of the integrated solution from Artesia and Telestream will allow users throughout the agency to work digitally from their desktop in the review, production, and distribution of ads. Using the newly implemented system, post houses now encode and submit content digitally via Telestream's ClipMail Pros to BBDO, where it is automatically captured by a Telestream FlipFactory server and transcoded into QuickTime, DV, Avid and MPEG formats with keyframes being extracted for rough-cut edits. Once captured, Artesia's TEAMS DAM solution provides BBDO with online access via a centrally managed repository to these videos as well as other creative materials such as images, graphics, and text-based documents used to develop advertising campaigns.  TEAMS also allows users to edit, transform, and distribute nearly any type of digital asset from their desktop, which includes delivery to the Telestream ClipExpress systems that were purchased to replace VTRs and provide broadcast-quality viewing across BBDO. In addition to the anticipated internal benefits for BBDO New York, the office's use of digital media management and workflow automation applications is also serving as a pilot for the agency to use in evaluating possible adoption by other offices across the U.S. At the same time, BBDO hopes to offer these capabilities directly to clients that are interested in taking advantage of more effective digital archiving and new technology models for supporting enhanced collaboration.  

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