Art Technology Group Releases ATG 6.1

Sep 23, 2003

ATG (Art Technology Group), a provider of software applications for commerce and customer self-service, has announced the general availability of ATG 6.1. The latest upgrade to its integrated set of applications designed to automate a company's online business and customer service initiatives, ATG 6.1 contains a variety of enhancements including an upgraded ATG Publishing application and integration with application servers.

ATG has upgraded its Web content management solution, ATG Publishing, with several flexible features. ATG Publishing provides an integrated and robust content management solution, accessing all of a company's file-based assets, for the update of personalized commerce, portal, self-service, and other Web applications. ATG 6.1 also offers tighter integration with Web application servers such as IBM's WebSphere 5.0, BEA Weblogic 8.1 and BEA Weblogic 7.0 on Linux.

ATG 6.1 includes an upgraded workflow engine embedded in the ATG Relationship Management platform that is designed to enable customers to automate business processes in the same manner that ATG's Scenario Personalization allows customers to automate customer interactions on the Web. Companies can now combine the two to build applications that integrate personalized customer interactions and core business processes.

With ATG 6.1 companies can automate repetitive manual business processes. Items such as a registration/application process, lead management documents, time sheets, and expense reports are automated through application workflow in an effort to save time and money and improve productivity.