Aquafadas Introduces AQ Cloud Authoring

Oct 17, 2013


Aquafadas, developer of digital publishing solutions, previewed its new cloud-based digital platform, AQ Cloud Authoring, at the Frankfurt Book Fair. AQ Cloud Authoring lets just about anyone looking to publish an ebook convert PDF files into digital format and distribute across tablets, smartphones, and the web. With simple production tools, users can re-order and crop pages as well as add enrichments like Guided Reading. AQ Cloud Authoring's flexible export options include ePUB, AVE (for publishing apps), and the WebReader.

AQ Cloud Authoring makes it possible for publishers to quickly create near exact replicas of any print publication, requiring only an internet connection to convert files. Authors just upload files into AQ Cloud Authoring, fill out the metadata, then add enrichments, and make simple adjustments. Before purchasing the final product, users can take content through a test-spin on the spot by downloading 30% of the file for free.