Appligent Launches Drag-and-Drop Standalone Desktop Tool for PDF Documents

Jan 11, 2005

Appligent, Inc., a provider of Portable Document Format (PDF)-related software solutions, has announced the introduction of AppendPDF Desktop Edition, a standalone application for building customized PDF documents from a collection of files with professional publishing features such as personalizing cover pages and a dynamically generating table of contents. Based on Appligent's SPDF libraries, AppendPDF DE is designed to run independently on the user's desktop rather than as a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat or on a file server.

AppendPDF DE provides a drag-and-drop interface for selecting and sorting the files to be appended together. Users can specify which pages to include from the source documents and the location of cover and table of contents pages. Since is a stand alone application, the user is not required to have Adobe Acrobat Professional or Standard Edition installed. AppendPDF DE includes support for XML parameter files that control the operation of the application, which can be saved for later use. This automates recurring jobs and allows the desktop application to be used as a front end for Appligent's command line server-based AppendPDF Pro application. In addition, AppendPDF DE also supports linearized PDF, which enables a user to view the first page of a PDF document while it is still being downloaded from the Internet.

AppendPDF DE is a standalone desktop application that runs in a Windows environment on multiple platforms. AppendPDF DE is available for Windows NT/2000/XP, Red Hat Linux, and Mac OS X. Pricing is $399.00 per user. A 30-day trial version of AppendPDF Desktop Edition is available for download online.