AppGate Introduces Secure Mobile IM System for Corporate Use

Feb 08, 2005

AppGate has added secure Mobile Instant Messaging (MIM) to its solution in an effort to provide its customers with a secure Instant Messaging system where users can communicate instantly regardless of type of device, PC, Mac or mobile. With the integrated secure MIM system all communication is encrypted and user access is controlled and managed, to prevent users from using aliases and faked identities in the system.

The AppGate Secure Instant Messaging system works in cooperation with the AppGate Security Server. User identity is controlled in the AppGate Security Server and almost all authentication methods on the market are supported to guarantee user identity. Access to the IM system can be granted to all or to selected users in the account database. The AppGate MIM solution is based on the Jabber IM protocol; AppGate Secure Mobile Instant Messaging is currently supporting SonyEricsson P900/P910 and will be released in March.