Apeer Inc. Announces Apeer Professional

Oct 24, 2008

Apeer Inc. announced the public availability of Apeer Professional, an all-in-one group communication and collaboration application for digital media. Apeer Professional enables synchronous multi-user, participatory exchanges where all parties can simultaneously view photos, hear music, and see videos in real time over the internet – all in one window. Apeer also provides conversational tools with built-in voice and chat for a robust interactive experience. Users can drag-and-drop a media file into the Apeer application from any folder on a computer or network and that file will automatically be sent to every other person in the Apeer session. The images appear for everyone – and anyone in the session can move, scale, and interact with the files. Apeer has tools for zooming and mark-up, and the marked-up images can be saved using the screen grab utility. Anyone in the session can also add video and audio files, and everyone has the ability to play, pause, rewind, and control the media.