Apatar Partners with ColourBlack

Jun 10, 2008


Apatar, Inc., provider of open source software tools, announced an alliance with ColourBlack, Ltd., a Microsoft Partner that provides enterprise solutions for data migration, integration, and enhancement for unstructured data sources. The companies will support unstructured and semi-structured data from Microsoft SharePoint and other electronic document management systems as sources without custom coding. Users can link information between SharePoint Server, various document repositories, and third-party applications or databases, and also conduct searches and perform MS Office document type conversion and text restructuring. The partnership is designed to enable corporate users, DBAs, and developers to integrate, migrate, and consolidate data between knowledge management systems with other enterprise information stored in corporate applications, databases, files, and Web 2.0 destinations.

 (www.colourblack.com, www.apatar.com, www.apatarforge.org)