Analytics and Cloud Computing are CIOs’ Top Strategic Investments, Says IBM Study

Jun 14, 2011

IBM released results from its study involving chief information officers (CIOs), which showed that the top strategic technology investments at midsized organizations were for business analytics. Of the midmarket CIOs who participated in the survey, 83% said that analytics, and the ability to extract insights from "Big Data," was the investment area of highest priority. Cloud computing was the fastest growing area of investment, with a 50% increase from 2009 in the number of CIOs who said they plan to invest in cloud computing. The percentage of CIOs who plan to invest in mobility solutions, including smartphones and mobile apps, increased to 72 percent.

The study, titled "The Essential CIO - Midmarket CIO Study 2011," is IBM's largest face-to-face survey of midsize CIOs to date. In late 2010 and early 2011, IBM conducted 1 hour discussions with more than 3,000 CIOs from around the world. Representing multiple industries, 622 CIOs from midsize organizations participated. The survey explored the fundamental tasks of the CIO and the traits that define the outperforming CIOs as they develop technological innovation in products, services, and processes, transform businesses, drive profitability, and expand into new areas.