Altova Introduces Mapforce 2004 and Upgrades to XML Products

Sep 05, 2003

Altova Inc., producer of XMLSPY, has announced the availability of the new Altova 2004 XML development tools product line, designed to meet the needs of software developers who are building advanced XML and Web services applications. The new Altova 2004 product line consists of updates to existing products, XMLSPY 2004, AUTHENTIC 2004, and STYLEVISION 2004, and introduces a new product, MAPFORCE 2004, a visual data mapping tool with code generation capabilities for XML and database integration projects.

Altova's MAPFORCE 2004 is a visual data integration tool, which generates custom data mapping code in multiple output languages such as XSLT and Java, to enable programmatic XML-to-XML or database-to-XML data transformations. Altova's MAPFORCE 2004 provides a 2-step XML-based approach to enterprise data integration. Using MAPFORCE 2004, data architects can programmatically convert data into XML from any database, by drawing visual mappings from relational databases to any data model expressed in XML schema. MAPFORCE 2004 will generate the software program code required to programmatically marshal data from the source database to the target XML schema. Data can then be transformed from one XML format to another, by visually drawing mappings between different XML schema data models. The MAPFORCE 2004 approach to enterprise data integration is intended to ensure compatibility and interoperability across different platforms, servers, programming languages, and database environments. Features of MAPFORCE 2004 include: support for any relational database; support for multiple inputs and outputs; XSLT and Java code generation; and rich function libraries.

In addition to the introduction of MAPFORCE 2004, Altova has added features to its product family of XML development tools and content authoring tools. The new features of XMLSPY 2004 include: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET integration; XML differencing; XPath 2.0 Analyzer; re-implemented database utilities; and usability and performance enhancements. New features of AUTHENTIC 2004 and STYLEVISION 2004 (Stylesheet Designer) include: automatic calculation of fields based on XPath for input in AUTHENTIC and output in HTML/PDF; automatic business logic validation based on XPath for input in AUTHENTIC; support for more complex table structures with multiple rows and footers for input and output; rich input formatting capabilities, can also be used for output in HTML/PDF; and date/time control in AUTHENTIC.

XMLSPY 2004 is available immediately in three editions: Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition, and Home Edition, available for purchase from the Altova Online Shop, with prices for a single-user license starting at $990, $399, and $49, respectively. A free 30-day trial download is also available. MAPFORCE 2004 is available for a free 30-day trial download or for purchase at $499 for a single user license from the Altova Online Shop. AUTHENTIC 2004 is available in several editions, AUTHENTIC 2004 Desktop Edition and AUTHENTIC 2004 Browser Edition. The AUTHENTIC 2004 Browser Edition is also available as a Placeholder Control for Microsoft's CMS 2002 Server, and an ASP.NET Server Control. All editions of AUTHENTIC are available under a free software license. STYLEVISION 2004 is available for a free 30-day trial download from or can be purchased for $299 for a single user license from the Altova Online Shop. Altova is making available several introductory offers, running until November 30, 2003.