Almost Half of all Enterprise Unstructured Data is Stale, According to Study

Mar 16, 2007

Kazeon, a provider of unstructured information management, has announced recent findings based on the results of its new Data Assessment Service. According to results of the data assessment service, Kazeon found that, on average, half of all unmanaged data is stale and only one quarter of data is actually current and relevant to the organization's business. In addition, an average of 18% of all stored data was deemed to be duplicate information and an average 4% of stored data was found to be completely unrelated to business. The Kazeon Data Assessment Program is designed to help customers educate themselves and determine the impact on their storage budgets for archiving less-frequently used data.

Kazeon's Data Assessment Service, based on the IS1200-FRM, provides insight into data usage and value through the delivery of a standard set of reports across a "slice" of a customer's storage environment. This baseline information is designed to enable IT to understand how their storage is being utilized and provides a foundation for further actions and initiatives. The Kazeon Data Assessment Service is a one-week program during which Kazeon consultants will utilize the IS1200-FRM to automatically gather information within a customer's environment. Kazeon consultants then embed reports into a final document that alert companies to various factors such as file duplication, frequency of access, and frequency of updates to files. The service is currently available at $10,000 which includes the delivery and rental of the IS1200-FRM, configuration and set up, data collection of a representative 4 TB sample of data, and the delivery of a detailed final document.