Alliant Techsystems Chooses Stellent Content Management

Feb 14, 2003


Stellent, Inc., a provider of content management solutions, has announced that Alliant Techsystems (ATK), an aerospace and defense company, is using Stellent Content Management to manage content on its intranet and public Internet site. Stellent Content Management allows ATK to publish more information on the Web without needing to increase the number of staff, and it has reduced the organization's costs associated with printing hard-copy policies and procedures. In addition, Stellent enables ATK to expedite its recruiting process, as people can now respond to job openings via the Web rather than sending resumes to ATK by email. Stellent Content Management supports ATK's intranet, and staff members also use the system to publish news releases and job openings on the company's public Web site. Employees use a Web browser to contribute content into the Stellent Content Server where it is saved in its native format, such as a word processing document, spreadsheet, or graphic file. Once submitted, content is converted from its native format to a variety of Web formats and published to ATK's intranet or the appropriate section of its public Web site. ATK plans to deploy another instance of Stellent Content Management that will enable the company's IT department to consolidate all of its documents in one central location.

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