Adobe Launches PDF Print Engine 2.5

May 20, 2010

Adobe announced the launch of Adobe PDF Print Engine 2.5, a next-generation, full-featured printing software application that lets users create end-to-end workflows for graphically rich publishing based on Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). The product is built around the new exchange standard for Variable Data Print production - PDF/VT.

PDF Print Engine 2.5 is the final piece of an end-to-end PDF-based workflow based on Adobe technologies, which includes Creative Suite for authoring, Acrobat/Reader for validation and sharing, and PDF Print Engine for final output. PDF Print Engine 2.5 increases the rendering speed and workflow viability for graphically complex personalized effects, including variable transparency, by enabling repeating elements to be intelligently cached.

Adobe PDF Print Engine 2.5 will be available to OEM partners in June.