Adobe Launches Data Manager for Audience Manager

Sep 25, 2018

According to a post on Adobe's blog the compnay has launched Data Explorer, “a new suite of capabilities and workflows that gives customers of Audience Manager, Adobe’s Data Management Platform (DMP), unmatched flexibility in the organization, analysis, and activation of the raw signals used as building blocks for their most valuable audiences.”

Adobe lists Data Explorer's benefits as avoiding data loss; the ability to focus on high value audiences; an improved workflow.

The new offering also provides self-service access to users. According to Adobe, “Customers can browse through historical data collected by the DMP and add traits to their taxonomy in real time. This eliminates the industry standard multi-day managed-service dependency, providing a big step forward over other offerings currently in market.”

Additionally, the blog post says, “DMP customers can evaluate the importance of incoming data signals and make informed decisions about the value of data based on its source and overall inbound volume.”

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