AP Digital Appoints Director

Nov 21, 2003

The Associated Press has named Jane Seagrave as director of AP Digital, which provides news and information to Web sites, wireless operators, corporate desktops, and other commercial and new media applications. Seagrave will have financial and content responsibility for the AP Digital business.                                                    


The announcement was made by Tom Brettingen, senior vice president and director of Newspaper & New Media Markets. AP Digital is part of the Newspaper & New Media Markets department and Seagrave reports to Brettingen, succeeding Tom Slaughter, who has been appointed vice president of New Media Markets. Seagrave, a former AP journalist, returns to the AP after most recently managing the integration of American Lawyer Media--a print publisher of news and information for legal professionals--with law.com, the dominant Internet-based provider of legal news.                      


The new AP Digital merges two former AP divisions: AP Digital and AP Information Services. Under the realignment, Ruth Gersh, director of online services, Ted Mendelsohn, director of licensing, and Carol Galofaro, director of sales, report to Seagrave. Gersh, formerly editorial director of AP Multimedia, has responsibility for management of the full portfolio of online products for AP Digital. Mendelsohn will continue to manage key accounts for AP Digital and Galofaro will continue to lead direct sales efforts.                                                    

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