AOL Enhances ONE by AOL: Publishers' Unified Video Platform with Out-Stream and SideView

Mar 31, 2016

Part of the goal with ONE by AOL: Publishers is to provide an end-to-end unified video activation platform that enables publishers to syndicate and distribute premium content, create new inventory, increase viewability, and drive revenue with responsive, cross-device and customizable video players. To that end, AOL announced the latest developments with two video players that enhance viewing experiences and extend revenue opportunities for publishers: out-stream and in-line with a new SideView feature.

Out-stream allows publishers to create new viewable video and content experiences, increasing engagement, boosting viewability, and driving incremental revenue. The player lives in the body of the article and expands to reveal itself and starts playing only when over 50% of it is visible on screen. It pauses when under this limit and will reinitiate if the 50% threshold is met again. At the end of playback, the player will automatically collapse and hide from view, keeping the web page experience nice and clean.

Additionally, out-stream is tightly integrated with ONE by AOL: Video, allowing publishers to more efficiently reach their monetization goals through programmatic sales channels without additional implementation.

SideView is a new feature enhancement within ONE by AOL: Publishers' in-line video player that allows a publisher's audience to continue to freely explore the page while maintaining contact with video content in a viewable, non-disruptive session. As viewers scroll, the video automatically resizes and pins itself elegantly to the side of your content at a location of your choosing, following the user yet never obstructing text. SideView maximizes viewability as video content remains on screen independent of audience behavior, ensuring delivery for campaigns billed on viewability. Internal testing of the feature yielded an average viewability rate of 90%.

The in-line player with SideView is available for both advertising and editorial video content. It also offers a robust suite of player controls and customizations, including player location, player size, custom animations, and mobile compatibility.