ACOM Integrates EzeDocs with EZContentManager

May 09, 2006

ACOM Solutions, Inc. has integrated its EZeDocs document output management solution with its recently launched EZContentManager Web-based document management solution, establishing a solution for creating, capturing, storing, retrieving, managing, and distributing internal and external documents and organizing them in a centralized data repository.

EZeDocs offers capabilities for electronic form design, data formatting, and document distribution. It requires no programming or customization to existing applications and it integrates with the standard output of all ERP/accounting software packages. Users direct their standard data output to EZeDocs via an output queue or through the file system and EZeDocs does the rest. Documents reformat automatically based on user-defined templates stored within EZeDocs; color accents, images, and electronic forms are added; and output can be generated as laser printed copies or automatically distributed via secured email, automated fax, secure Web posting, or as EDI/XML documents. EZeDocs can automate distribution of any business document currently distributed via labor intensive and more costly options such as traditional print and mail or print and fax processes. Customer statements, invoices, purchase orders, and warehouse documents are documents that can be automated.

EZContentManager serves as a centralized document repository that allows authorized users throughout the organization access to all documents via a secure browser. In the integrated solution, electronic copies of documents generated in EZeDocs are automatically indexed and stored in EZContentManager for access throughout the organization. Documents in the repository can be retrieved and viewed using a browser or directly through Windows Explorer, with full support for WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) protocol. The solution's integrated workflow process coordinates all phases, automates usage control and provides reports. All of the solutions are modular with individual modules starting under $5,000.