91% of US Consumers Feel Ads Know Too Much of Their Personal Information

Aug 27, 2019


A recent survey from GetApp, the leading marketplace for business app discovery, has found that 95% of U.S. consumers believe they are being tracked online based on past purchases, but 48% say it helps them discover new products.

Despite 91% of respondents saying ads know too much of their personal information, 31% of respondents said they felt personalized marketing improved the online shopping experience and 28% thought that it reduced irrelevant ads. 

Of those surveyed, 58% said they like to receive personalized messages with promotions and over half (53%) said that online advertisements have become more relevant to their lives over the past three years.

There are some consumers who aren’t as receptive to personalized marketing—52% said they use an ad blocker when online and almost a quarter (24%) said they have never received any benefits from personalized marketing. And 29% stated they are unwilling to share any personal information with marketers in exchange for relevant offers.

Gender (52%) was the most common type of information consumers are willing to offer in exchange for relevant offers, with 43% saying they’d disclose their age and 42% offering their email address. Despite a willingness to offer some information, other things, such as home address (8%) and number of children (18%), are less likely to be divulged by consumers.

The research also found that younger consumers are more likely to be receptive to personalized marketing—69% of 18-25-year old’s said advertising has become more relevant to them in the last three years, compared to 33% of 56-65-year olds.

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