Partnering Up with Optify

Sep 15, 2011

On Sept. 14 Optify—which provides real time marketing software and services for business to business marketers and online publishers—announced its new Partner Program, which the Seattle-based company says will, among other things, help digital media and online marketing agencies grow their business and attract new clients.

"Agencies will now be able to take our software and use it the same way our customers have used it directly to achieve those results," says Anthony Joseph, Optify's VP Marketing & Customer Experience.

Optify CEO Brian Goffman adds, "We want to have specific agency partners that we can enable in the market, and—down the road—also potentially share leads with."

Using Optify—which says it is the leading provider of marketing software and services for the Real Time Web—agencies can furnish clients with improved SEO, website optimization, social media, lead conversion and enterprise-class marketing analytic capabilities—without having to provide or manage the offerings in-house, according to the company.

In addition to the core platform offered by Optify, the Partner Program will provide additional benefits and features for agencies. These include scale advantages with volume discount pricing; referral, reseller, and revenue sharing options; agency product features including APIs for custom reporting; and training, support, and community access along with dedicated account management, according to Optify.

"We think for our agency partners that take advantage of this [Partner Program] there will be a huge advantage for them," says Joseph. "They will have the ability to scale the delivery of their service utilizing our solution; we've seen success from a number of data partners already who have been able to more efficiently deliver the service that they provide to clients."

Joseph continues, "We've also seen them become more specific with the types of services they can provide, which allows them to increase the performance results they can achieve with each client. And it also allows them to scale the service that they deliver so they can, in many cases, deliver great service to more clients with less staff."

Optify's application has been utilized by a number of customers to "achieve positive results," says Joseph. These companies include The St. Petersburg Times, Microsoft and "Those customers have largely benefited from using our software and services directly—we, on September 14th, are announcing that we are releasing access to our software so that marketing agencies can leverage the power of our integrated marketing solution," says Joseph.

Joseph also touched on what he says was his company's unique place in the marketplace. "We have a unique set of features in the market place; we are one of the only SEO [Search Engine Optimization] platforms that provide multi-site management capability, so that allows an agency to manage multiple client types, large and small," says Joseph.

Goffman expressed his enthusiasm over the new Partner Program. "I get really excited about this; it's kind of grown organically where we've had agencies coming to us asking us for this support and now we've made it an official program," he says.

He added, "The most important thing for an agency is it allows them to document their results ... So Optify has connected what you're doing to drive the traffic with the tracking capability to see what the results were ... an agency can actually create reports for their clients and show the results."

"We don't actually say how many customers we have but we do currently have almost 4,000 accounts," says Goffman. "That includes free accounts. We have four tiers of our product—the free edition and three paid editions."

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