CrownPeak Launches Cloud-based WCM System

Nov 29, 2011


Good web content management (WCM) has long been an important element in the struggle to execute successful content strategies and marketing campaigns. The ability to author digital content for a worldwide audience, across a variety of platforms, has become integral to maintaining a competitive edge, which is why the design of WCM systems within the marketing industry deserves a second look. 

In a number of situations, companies are still sticking to what they know best: installed solutions. Having proven success with these solutions, the move to the cloud seems like a big leap. However, according to Stephen Powers, principal analyst at Forrester Research, cloud WCM "is already becoming a reality."

In an attempt to break down barriers, CrownPeak, will release its new cloud-based system-aptly named CrownPeak Cloud WCM System-at the Gilbane Conference Boston on November 30.

With a new user interface, CrownPeak hopes to make WCM in the business and marketing realm less convoluted. For instance, a single window view presents the user with a cleaner layout. With this single window layout, users can navigate through the dashboard to easily alter content or interact on various projects through shared files and folders, expediting campaigns, and processes.

"With more complicated systems, the content gets created but then has to wait for the few people [who know how to] to process this content into a system that will ultimately get them to their objective, which slows down the overall speed of their marketing campaign," says Soumya Das, the VP of marketing at CrownPeak. "Now, web content management will become a central system for business people as a whole, not just the enabler of a few people who will make things happen."

Since CrownPeak operates as a SaaS solution provider, users do not have to purchase a license for use. Instead, they have a subscription to use the system. Without the use of any hardware or software requirement, a user can join the service without delay, assuaging the technological burden.

The latest features of WCM SaaS from CrownPeak cater to specific business objectives that have acted as a roadblock in the past when using WCM systems. For instance the cloud WCM solution improves upon the accessibility and use of media.  While images can be altered in the dashboard itself, CrownPeak can also integrate with digital asset management systems, making all stored media readily available. Along with the improved use of media, the dashboard provides access to social media, enabling updates to Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Though developing content efficiently is a primary goal for most businesses, they also find it valuable to track the success of their campaigns. In some cases, businesses have a separate team for content creation and analytics. However, this service unites WCM with web content optimization, providing advanced features such as targeting, testing, analytics, and customer data management.

All within the analytical confines of the solution, content can be tested through A/B or multivariate-style testing to track the performance of specific content. Targeting browsers and mobile devices as well as date, time, and location are all detected by ambient data. Other targeting tactics include targeting various demographics through behavioral data, tracking the consistency of the consumer's interaction with content. Additionally, with the form builder, users can create forms with data capture without the need of programming.

However, the success of a WCM tool hinges on its compatibility with other technology.  "To support customer experience WCM isn't going to do it on its own. It is going to have to integrate with some of these other platforms, whether it's email campaign management, search, digital asset management, ecommerce, or other technologies," says Powers. Thet's why CrownPeak's SaaS interoperates with existing and planned back-office functions and has full integration capabilities with Omniture's Test and Target and SiteCatalyst, WebTrends, Google Analytics, and others.

Having already been tested on several projects, feedback from users has given CrownPeak insight into its new product. "Content, experience, and delivery are three key points that companies have to take into consideration in making this web content platform successful and align it with what their customers are looking for," says Das. 

"We will keep changing and introducing more and more features," says Das, "such as tighter integration of analytics as well as integration with other systems more so than what we offer now so that our users will make better use of the system."