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Dec 02, 2013

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Andrew RobertsView from the Top by Andrew Roberts, CEO

I began my journey in web content creation in 1999. I was a young web developer that was asked to develop a website for the Winter Racing Carnival. It was a large site with over 150 events, dozens of venues and lots of news to update throughout the year. The last thing I wanted was to do this manually!

As a solution, I developed a dynamic database-driven website complete with forms for the event staff to keep information up-dated. This sort of application would soon be known as a web content management system and would go on to become a $1B industry.

For the project, I used form fields for the structured content such as event title, date, etc. But for the more unstructured content, such as event description, I wanted to give their team the ability to format content and add lists, tables and images. I wanted a visual ‘WYSIWYG’ editor that I could embed in my forms but none existed.  I immediately saw the opportunity for a browser-based WYSIWYG editor.

My solution, EditLive!, went on to sell thousands of licenses and became the best-selling visual editor in the world. It funded the growth of my company, Ephox, for almost 15 years. I am very proud that we survived multiple technology waves while staying at the forefront of innovation in browser-based editing technology.

EditLive! continues to be the most feature-rich WYSIWYG editor available with advanced capabilities like track changes and accessibility checking. We have also addressed more casual use cases by supporting the popular open source TinyMCE. Now, we are in the process of developing and launching our newest solution, a cloud-based editor called

We are honored to be included in EC100 and look forward to another 15 years of contributing to innovation in web content creation.

Ephox Corp

2300 Geng Rd Suite 220
Palo Alto, Ca 94303