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Dec 02, 2013

Brad Scher, PresidentView from the Top by Brad Scher, President

I like to think each day that Acquire Media’s job is to strike the right balance:

We balance the needs of news consumers with the requirements of news publishers.

We balance the drive for ultra-low latency news delivery with the benefits of value-added news enhancements.

We balance the wisdom of social media crowds with the expertise of professional journalists and editors.

We balance the ease of web-access with the powerful features of desktop software.

We balance the volume of our search results with the accuracy and precision demanded by our clients.

We work to find the optimal -- to delight our customers, the world’s top financial and media companies, as they peruse the news daily, or stay glued to their screens.

Serving tens-of-millions of individual investors by providing news through the three top U.S. brokerage firms as well as Nasdaq, S&P, CNBC, and other leading platforms, our news servers are battle-tested to the extreme. Our technology represents the perfect choice for balancing (there’s that word again!) high-volume, low-latency, and high-availability. 

Top media companies recognize Acquire Media’s expertise as well, which is why we sell news delivery software to many leading digital publishing operations, including The Financial Times, McClatchy, Tribune, Advance, Fairfax, United Business Media, The Press Association (UK), Washington Post/Bloomberg News Service, and others. 

I am proud to point out that Acquire Media has been in business 13 years, and its roots go back much further.  Our core teams have been working together since the early ‘90s, one team on the path-breaking product NewsEdge, the news filtering operation born from the merger of Individual Inc. and Desktop Data, the other team on Dow Jones/Telerate Search, the first news query-response service for traders that achieved near-zero search latency.

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