Andrew Brendenkamp, Founder & CEO for Acrolinx Explains How to Attract and Engage Customers

Nov 05, 2018

Article ImageAcrolinx is revolutionizing strategy-aligned content creation. This ensures communications are clear and consistent, presenting one clear voice to customers. It helps you attract and engage customers and reduce risks in communication.

Acrolinx captures your goals, helps you to analyze content to ensure alignment, and guides your contributors to create engaging, effective content. Thanks to unrivaled insight, efficiency, and automation, Acrolinx enables the creation of strategy-aligned content, at scale.

Developed at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, DFKI, our software platform can analyze thousands of dimensions that make language great. The result: everything you write is more impactful. Whether your language is English, German, French, Swedish, Chinese, or Japanese.

We make it easy for you to create amazing content. The Acrolinx sidebar works seamlessly with over 30 different authoring tools, such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and more. As you write, Acrolinx shows you how to tune your content for your audience with just a few clicks.

Our platform is helping large global brands, including IBM, Google, and Facebook, produce on-brand and on-target content, at enterprise scale. Fact: 20 of the top 20 Global Tech Companies use Acrolinx and 13 of the top 20 Global B2B Brands use Acrolinx.


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