Top Content Marketing Apps for LinkedIn Marketers

Oct 28, 2016

Article ImageVisitors are three times as likely to convert on your LinkedIn page as they are on your Facebook or Twitter pages. So building a strong presence on LinkedIn can be beneficial for your business. However, it isn't easy to build and manage a LinkedIn marketing effort consistently. "Securing internal resources" is among the top challenges faced by social media marketers, and more often than not you sideline the daily effort it takes to make an impact on any social media platform. While there exist apps and resources to aid in marketing on other social platforms, there are few apps to help bear the burden on LinkedIn. Fortunately, the apps that are available cover a multitude of functions, allowing you to organize and streamline your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

Native LinkedIn Apps

LinkedIn has apps of its own to help marketers on the platform. Among them, the content sourcing and distribution apps Pulse and SlideShare are particularly interesting because of the visibility and engagement that they can lend to an active and optimized brand presence.

LinkedIn Pulse

Pulse is LinkedIn's content curation app that helps you collect industry related content. Before 2014, the app was off-limits to the public for publishing purposes but today, Pulse attracts a large audience with top publishers earning likes and comments in the hundreds.

The raw potential reach of the app is the 400 plus millions of users on LinkedIn.

As marketers, you can use Pulse for three purposes--to source and share original and interesting articles with your audience, to publish your content and gain access to millions of users on the app, and to interact with influencers in your niche by following their content. By commenting on the right influencer's posts, you can also initiate conversations with important professionals in your niche. The activity and quality of discussions that occur on posts written by influencers like Guy Kawasaki are worth being a part of as representatives of a brand on LinkedIn.


SlideShare has over 70 million active users and is one of the easiest social apps to be active on. Any pre-created content that you have can be easily transformed into slides to upload on SlideShare. This saves markters the effort of having to create content specifically for the platform. Webinar and workshop presentations, research and case studies and infographics are also popularly uploaded on SlideShare.

One of the key advantages a SlideShare presence is the 'Clip feature'. The app allows users to clip uploaded slides and infographics for their use. Content from SlideShare can also be embedded in a blog post or shared to any social media platform. This shareability increases helps increase the reach of your brand content. The title, description and tags on SlideShare also have SEO value if optimized properly.

Content Sourcing & Analytics Apps

To create and execute a content strategy on LinkedIn you need to follow a consistent posting and analysis loop to try various types of content, learn what's working to continually reinvent and refine your approach to content on the platform. The combination of a content sourcing app to discover content to post daily and an analytics app to analyze and better your activity can help.


Based on keywords that you set, you can get relevant industry content recommendations from the app, and from RSS feeds that you integrate with it. On the app, you can also create and store a content reserve that you can draw from when necessary, helping you organize the content to post to your brand's LinkedIn page. If you have scheduled content on the app, and wish to have an overview of everything going out of your account, you can switch your queued content to calendar view.

Additionally, when you're uncertain of achieving the reach you want on LinkedIn, the app allows you to sponsor posts or involve your employees in distribution of the content (on the employee advocacy module). Employees connected to the app can access and share content curated by you from it. All activity on the curation and social management module, and the 'employee advocacy module' are tracked for engagement analytics that you can view to make important decisions about content.


Quintly is great for monitoring your company's performance on LinkedIn and benchmarking it against your competitors' performance. Based on observations it makes, the app suggests the types of content and time of day that work best for your business. With respect to tracking follower growth, the app shares total follower count, increase in followers and rate of growth so you can attribute it to your content strategy during specific time intervals. Page navigation is made easy on Quintly because it allows sorting by day of the week and post distribution.

If you're using LinkedIn to recruit, Quintly analyzes job updates and helps you measure it against competitors'.

Visual Content Apps

To keep with the professional theme, you could add visually represented data or an infographic and support your LinkedIn post. Posts with a visual receive 98% more comments. With some help from visual apps, you can convert numbers to charts and graphics with ease.

Google Slides

Creating graphs with Slides is very simple. You simply click on 'Charts' in the 'Insert' drop-down menu, enter your variables, their values and let the app create the chart for you. Slides has the most basic versions of charts – the line chart, the pie chart, the bar chart and the column chart – which allows you a neat little range of expressions.

Once you have your charts created, you could download, crop and paste them wherever necessary (say on a poster or infographic).


PiktoChart comes with a host of pre-made templates for you to choose from. Designing the layout of an infographic is one of the most time consuming steps of making one. By working with an already organized layout, much of the work is eliminated, leaving you time to focus on other tasks. The app also has icons, clip art and other clickable elements that you can add to your infographic to make it interactive and engaging.

LinkedIn has the potential to improve your business, but most marketers who have resources spread thin struggle with making the most of that opportunity. With apps to support your marketing tasks, you can organize your efforts and maximize your results.