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Dec 04, 2012

December 2012 Issue

The digital content industry is constantly in flux, but perhaps never more so than in 2012. From Facebook's IPO to Newsweek's announcement that it will go all-digital in 2013, it's been a big year for econtent--and for EContent. Submissions for this year's EContent 100 list were better than ever, and consequently our judges had their work cut out for them. It was a spirited debate-one that often embodied much of the debate that surrounds the larger content business. What truly makes a company successful in the digital world? That's the question we set out to answer with this year's EContent 100 list.

-Theresa Cramer
Editor, EContent 

Content Creation
Formerly the purview of the privileged few with access to a printing press, creating content is everyone's business today. Luckily, tools keep cropping up that help us create it, convert it, use it, and-most importantly-reuse it in ways as varied as the people creating the content in the first place.

Content Commerce
Grease must be applied to the wheels of commerce lest they squeak-nay, grind-to a halt. When what is being bought and sold is measured in bits and bytes, solutions that enable the buying and selling of digital content are there to keep the transactions humming smoothly along. Here we include solutions that enable the buying and selling of digital content, including DRM and payment systems, as well as digital ad networks.

Digital Content Provider
What would the digital publishing world be without the content providers? Whether they do it for free, for a fee, or somewhere in between, it's the providers that are on the content frontiers-bringing readers quality news, information, and entertainment when, where, and how they need it.

Distribution & Delivery
The avenues by which content can travel are myriad. Figuring out which roads are right for your content-especially if you're looking to get paid-can be a journey in itself. Without the help of distribution and delivery networks and tools, many publishers' jobs would be exponentially harder. Here we honor the companies that create new paths and opportunities for digital content to find its way to our inboxes, web browsers, mobile devices, and even our televisions.

Social Media
The web has opened up a world of opportunity for readers to become writers, reviewers, and producers. Here we look at the tools that help proliferate the vox populi and increasingly act as mediators between people and the content we publish.

Mobile Content
See all those smartphones? Yep, people are doing a lot more than talking on them. These days-from cellphones to tablets and e-readers-content gets around. Mobile content and delivery devices put information in the hands of users when and where they need it. As content today travels across platforms, we will focus on the technologies that help make it go.

SEO & Search Analytics
What good is digital content if you can't find it? Publishers need an audience; otherwise, they become the proverbial tree falling in the woods. Here we include the companies that help digital publishers navigate the jungle of SEO and fine-tune the content to grab the most views.

Web Content Management
What would digital publishers do without good web content management systems? While content management purports to be all things to all people, its true power may actually lie in its flexibility to change shape to fit each new business problem set before it. With the constantly changing demands of digital publishing, WCM systems need to be more nimble than ever.

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