The Top 100 Companies in the Digital Content Industry: The 2015-2016 EContent 100

Dec 01, 2015

December 2015 Issue

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Article ImageThe EContent 100 List of Companies that Matter Most in the Digital Content Industry is now in its 15th year, and big changes have been afoot. We added new judges, new categories, and as a result, we've got many new companies on the list. Among other changes, this year we thought it was important to recognize digital marketing technologies in their own category-and bring in some experts to help us separate the wheat from the chafe. If you have recently searched for a new digital marketing platform to work with, you'll know that narrowing this field down isn't easy.

We also decided that it was high time we gave technologies that help content providers cope in the global market their due. So we added the Globalization and Localization category. The importance of tailoring your content to global audiences is growing, and this year's list reflects that. As always, the EContent 100 represents the most important companies in the digital content industries, but it also reflects the trends in the industry that will be integral to success in the digital content industry in the coming year.  

For more on industry trends, be sure to read the commentaries from our industry experts and practitioners, and to stay tuned for the 2016 EContent Sourcebook, which takees deep dives into multiple aspects of the industry and tells you what you need to know for the coming year.

--Theresa Cramer, Editor, EContent

CompanyCategoryExecutive Summary
Acquia, Inc.Web Content Management 
Acquire Media CorporationContent Commerce, Distribution & DeliveryView From The Top Profile
Acrolinx GmbHContent Creation, Content Globalization & Localization, Digital Marketing Technologies 
Act-On Software Inc.Content Creation, Digital Marketing Technologies 
Adobe Systems, Inc.Content Creation, Web Content Management, Analytics, Content Commerce, Digital Marketing Technologies 
Aerospike, Inc. Big Data 
Akamai TechnologiesDistribution & Delivery Inc. Big Data, Distribution & Delivery 
Apple, Inc. Mobile Content, Distribution & Delivery 
Aptara Inc.Content Creation 
AquafadasContent Creation, Mobile Content 
AtexWeb Content Management 
Author-It Software Copr. Content Creation 
Automattic IncWeb Content Management, Content Creation 
Brightcove Inc.Distribution & Delivery 
Cengage Learning, Inc.Distribution & Delivery 
Cision US, Inc.Analytics 
Cloudera, Inc.Big Data 
Cloudwords, Inc.Content Globalization & Localization 
CognitiveScaleBig Data 
Connotate, Inc.Big Data 
Copyright Clearance Center, Inc.Content Commerce, Distribution & DeliveryView From The Top Profile
CoreMedia Corp.Web Content Management 
Crafter Software Corp.Web Content ManagementView From The Top Profile
CrownPeakWeb Content Management 
CSG InternationalContent Commerce 
Cxense ASADigital Marketing Technologies 
DNN Corp.Web Content Management 
EBSCO Industries, Inc.Distribution & Delivery 
Elsevier B.V.Distribution & Delivery 
Ephox CorporationContent Creation 
EpiserverWeb Content Management 
e-Spirit Inc.Web Content Management 
FacebookSocial Media, Distribution & Delivery 
Fiksu, Inc.Analytics 
Google, Inc.Content Creation, Analytics, Content Globalization & Localization, Mobile Content 
Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.Web Content Management, Big Data 
Hippo B.V.Web Content Management 
HootSuiteSocial Media 
Hortonworks Inc.Big Data 
Hubspot, Inc.Content Creation, Digital Marketing Technologies 
IBM Corp.Big Data 
iCopyright, Inc.Content Commerce 
ImpelsysDistribution & Delivery 
InboundWriterDigital Marketing Technology, Analytics 
InforDigital Marketing Technologies 
Ingeniux CorporationWeb Content ManagementView From The Top Profile
i-on Interactive, Inc.Digital Marketing Technologies 
IXIASOFTWeb Content Management 
Kaon Interactive, Inc.Digital Marketing TechnologiesView From The Top Profile
Kenshoo, Ltd.Digital Marketing Technologies 
Kentico SoftwareWeb Content Management 
Krux Digital Inc.Big Data 
LingotekContent Globalization & Localization 
LinkedIn Corp.Social Media 
Lionbridge TechnologiesContent Globalization & Localization 
MadCap Software, Inc.Content Creation 
Magnolia International Ltd.Web Content Management 
Marketo, Inc. Digital Marketing Technologies 
MarkLogic CorporationBig Data 
MediaPassContent Creation 
MongoDB, Inc.Big Data 
NetflixDistribution & Delivery 
OneSpotDigital Marketing Technologies, Analytics 
Open Source Matters, Inc.Web Content Management 
OpenText Corp.Web Content Management 
Oracle CorporationWeb Content Management, Big Data, Digital Marketing Technologies 
Pandora Media Inc.Distribution & Delivery 
Placed Inc.Analytics 
ProQuest LLCContent Commerce, Distribution & Delivery 
PublishThis (Ultra Unlimited Corp.)Content Creation 
Quark Software Inc.Content Creation 
Reprints Desk, Inc.Distribution & Delivery, Inc.Digital Marketing Technologies, Analytics 
SDL Plc.Content Globalization & Localization, Web Content Management 
SiteCoreWeb Content Management 
Siteworx, LLCContent Creation 
Skyword Inc.Content Creation 
Smartling, Inc.Content Globalization & Localization 
SnapchatSocial Media 
Splunk Inc.Big Data, Analytics 
Spotify ABDistribution & Delivery 
STAR AGContent Creation 
Teradata Corp.Digital Marketing Technologies 
TERMINALFOUR Inc.Web Content ManagementView From The Top Profile
ThinkAnalytics Ltd.Analytics 
TransifexWeb Content Management 
TransperfectContent Creation 
Twitter, Inc.Social Media 
VigLinkContent Commerce 
Vimeo LLCDistribution & Delivery 
Wazee DigitalContent Commerce 
WingifyDigital Marketing Technologies 
Zumobi Inc.Mobile Content 

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