Intro To Special Section: Surveying the Content Management Empire--Today's Tools and Tactics

For a while there, it seemed like all aspects of content would be assimilated into enterprise content management, given its steady march towards total content domination.

Industry giants drove the definition forward, gobbling up smaller players and vertical solutions, and expanding their content dominion to encompass everything from email to audio and video assets.

Yet despite the increasing power and scope of enterprise content management, web content management has held on strong, doggedly laying claim to mind and market share. And as the expanse of enterprise content has broadened, so has its reach—from one-on-one communication to an iterative worldwide conversation—tossing mines into the path of the best-laid content management strategies.

Here we offer a strategic look at some of the latest tools and trends in the content management melee. We tackle web content management analytics, managing global content, the integration of customer relationship management into other content management processes, and the timely (if trendy) topic of Web 2.0 content. We have also gathered a small arsenal of advice from content management experts to provide high-level insight to complement a tactical view from the trenches.

Articles that are part of this Special Section:

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Mashing Up Web Analytics and Web Content Management
Managing content and measuring results have been two distinct domains. Increasingly, the two are converging, as site publishers and marketers seek to take action based on measurable results.

Content That Travels Well: The Global Content Management Challenge
Companies are only as good as the content they deliver, so it pays to go past thinking globally and start structuring content that can play as well in Pakistan and Paris as it does in Peoria.

The Courtship of CRM and CM
Customer relationship management and content management have traveled parallel paths inside the enterprise. Though the two systems have a great deal in common, they rarely interacted, until now.

It’s All About Community: Prerequisites for Web 2.0 Content Management
As companies seek to create stickier, more interactive online experiences, they look to Web 2.0 approaches, creating new CM challenges.

Expert Tips on Implementing an Enterprise Content Management System
Insights into the difficult process of ECM purchase and implementation.