An Inside Look at the Leading E-Book Readers in Action

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To tell you the truth, I decided to review the Kindle, Amazon’s new wireless reading device, and some of the other newer e-readers to rid myself of the urge to own one.
Actually, I am a lot like my 6-year-old when it comes to electronic toys. They are fun and shiny and I want them. I just forget to use them. At work, our office manager asked me to return my BlackBerry for lack of use—a fact that has just barely kept me from buying an iPhone.

The hype over the latest generation of e-readers had been even harder to resist. I love to buy books and have shelves of them just waiting to be read. There are even a couple I bought twice, forgetting I already had copies. I am a best-selling author and self-avowed bookworm. The problem is that it has been years since I have read any book that I wasn’t being asked to review, blurb, or that I didn’t need for research. I am a single mom to two small boys (Coby and Sam). I have a more than full-time job, and I have a new book severely overdue at the publishers. Relaxation in my house all too often takes the form of an exhausted collapse, usually in front of the television.

Anyhow, my plan was to pick up a few different e-readers, play with them for a while, and then happily give them back. This plan has backfired. My family has ended up with not one, but four Kindles. As someone on the Amazon discussion group pointed out, that is $1,596 worth of Kindles. Let’s not even add in the cost of book-lights, Kindle carrying cases, and the new reading glasses with the extra flexible, extra comfortable titanium frames (great for falling asleep in).

Of late, the television has been dark most nights, but an exhausted collapse is still an exhausted collapse. Now, however, I wake with an ebook in hand, wearing very expensive "pajama" eyeglasses. Coby now believes there are two kinds of books: paper children’s books and electronic books for grownups.

Okay, I’d better just get this off my chest: My name is Sherry. I am a Kindle-aholic. This is my story.

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