Vaughn Stewart, Evangelist for Virtualization and Cloud Computing, NetApp

Vaughn StewartName With the Face:
Vaughn Stewart

Job Title:
Evangelist for Virtualization and Cloud Computing


Job Function:
As evangelist for virtualization and cloud computing at NetApp, which creates storage and data management solutions to boost IT efficiency and flexibility, Vaughn Stewart’s role is twofold. “First, I provide guidance around the development of our next generation solutions and capabilities,” Stewart says.
The second aspect is to evangelize about NetApp solutions and capabilities to the public. He does this via Twitter and Facebook posts and his blog ( in addition to speaking at regional industry events and conferences.

“My deliverables are ambiguous at best, which may make some uncomfortable, but in short I’m tasked with making an impact internally and externally,” Stewart says. “I think it would freak a lot of people out, but the loose definition allows me to drive into areas where I recognize an opportunity to provide value.”

In A Day’s Work:
Stewart asks, “Does chaotic work as a description?” His regular days include presentations to customers and partners in executive briefings, as well as collaboration with product managers, technical marketing engineers, business unit leaders, and others to advance a solution, a message, or discuss an opportunity.

Most Memorable Customer Encounter:
“We recently hired an engineer whose former role was as a manager with our competitor. This person joined NetApp because he thought we were doing some very interesting things in the virtualization and cloud computing space; however, he wasn’t completely sold on our claims around data deduplication. Seems he thought the claims of 60%–70% might be inflated—or what he classified as a ‘marketing claim.’”

“As part of his on-boarding process, I asked our new associate to join me in an executive briefing, during which the customer said they used our data deduplication technology with VMware. I asked the customer what their savings were, and they replied ‘60% to 70%.’ I just looked at the new associate and he was literally stunned.”

View From the Desk:
“I see a very cluttered cube. I’m a slob!”

Outside Interest:

“Music, comedy, and time with friends. I’m a bass player who attempts to play the guitar and keyboard as well. I’ve been called a comedy snob, but I appreciate new and creative material. And who doesn’t love hanging out with good friends?”

If Not EContent, Then What?
“If I didn’t have my role at NetApp, I’d probably be a starving artist. And I’d like to stress the starving aspect!”