Sean Dolan, Campaign Manager, Insight24

Article ImageName With The Face: Sean Dolan
Job Title: Campaign Manager
Organization: Insight 24, a service of ON24

Job Function: Sean Dolan is responsible for setting up content on Insight24, ON24’s B2B rich media network, which offers thousands of webcasts, podcasts, and videos to more than 13 million viewers via syndication partners each month. Part of his job is operational, ensuring that new content from Insight24’s regular contributors is loaded quickly. "I create the event templates, track down the content itself, secure the necessary links, and ensure they launch properly," says Dolan. Since the service rolled out in early 2007, Dolan’s role has evolved to include oversight of the marketing campaigns to optimize lead generation opportunities for clients. "Certain syndication partners want certain types of content," Dolan notes, saying that he might put content on ITToolbox’s network that wouldn’t be as well-suited for visitors to syndication partner

"Most of my interaction is with clients who purchase our lead generation program. I serve as the main point of contact for the marketing campaign, lead delivery, and any other questions they may have," says Dolan. He also works with Insight24’s business development division regarding the syndication network and the Engineering Department for site updates and troubleshooting. He says, "I’m measured on the maintenance of the site’s content, lead delivery to the client, and campaign optimization."

In A Day’s Work: Dolan usually gets into the office around 6 a.m. and starts on "the busy work," such as reviewing email for new content submissions or feedback, checking on campaign status via lead reports, and addressing any customer questions or requests. Says Dolan, "The rest of the day is spent optimizing ongoing campaigns, doing creative work [such as] writing HTML newsletters and press releases, and publishing content from ongoing contributors."

Most Memorable Customer Encounter: "As the person who reviews the submitted content for our B2B-focused site, I often have to screen the materials before publishing. I’ve had to reject attempts to advertise Viagra, Cialis, and other pharmaceuticals on a surprisingly frequent basis."

View From The Desk: "I’m lucky to sit at an open desk in an office with large windows that I can glance out of and see the San Francisco skyline, weather permitting."

Outside Interest: "I’m a cinephile and try to see as many movies as possible. I’m also an avid reader, and I play video games and follow that industry pretty closely. I also play disc golf (we’re situated near some great courses in Novato, Tahoe, and Golden Gate Park)."

If Not Econtent, Then What? "I’d like to be working in some creative capacity in the film or video game industry, preferably on the writing side."