Michael Atwood, Senior Manager, Integrated Media Services, McGraw-Hill Construction

Name With The Face:
Michael Atwood

Job Title:
Senior Manager, Integrated Media Services

McGraw-Hill Construction


Job Function:
In his role as senior manager for integrated media services for McGraw-Hill Construction, a provider of information and intelligence on the design and construction industry, Michael Atwood manages a team that fulfills digital and print advertising campaigns for more than 600 media clients across the Architectural Record, Engineering News-Record, GreenSource, Constructor, and Sweets brands. "My team of eight serves as the primary point of contact for clients after an order has been sold," Atwood says, ensuring accurate fulfillment of campaigns, troubleshooting programs when things don't go exactly as planned, and helping clients interpret the results of their campaigns.

Atwood's group also collaborates with sales and clients to develop digital and integrated media program proposals in response to client RFPs. "I coach and guide my team in figuring out what product offerings are the best fit for the RFP, particularly with regard to our online offerings," says Atwood, who worked in the product development side of the organization prior to his current role. He says that interactive continuing education, sponsored content webinars, and lead generation opportunities are the online offerings in which clients are most interested right now.

In A Day's Work:
On any given day Atwood might be working with members of his team to close upcoming magazines or walking clients through the results of their online campaigns and suggesting optimization opportunities. "I also work with sales to develop integrated media proposals for prospective or repeat clients, and collaborate with colleagues in sales and product development to help define and price new product offerings," Atwood says.

Most Memorable Customer Encounter:
"I was once in Las Vegas at a convention and had dinner with a sales rep and a client. On the taxi ride home, the client asked the driver which hotel had the best massage parlor for us to visit. The rep and I quickly excused ourselves and got out of the taxi!"

View From The Desk:
"I recently went from looking out at the steeple of a midtown church to overlooking the renovation of Madison Square Garden."

Outside Interest:
"I love theater, particularly Broadway musicals. I also enjoy design, architecture, food, and wine. Come summertime, I'm a weekend beach bum and try to get out of the city as often as possible."

If Not Econtent, Then What?
"I'd be an interior designer or own a restaurant-or maybe both and design and own a restaurant."