Jan Weaver, Medical Librarian, Deakin University

Article ImageJob Function:
When she began working at Deakin University in 2007, Jan Weaver focused on  developing a medical and health sciences library collection to support the new School of Medicine. "I work closely with medical school academic staff and their external partners to incorporate information fluency into the medical curriculum," says Weaver, who was named the 2008 Information Professional of the Year by the Special Libraries Association (SLA) Australia and New Zealand Chapter. Weaver’s job includes contributing to the teaching of evidence-based medicine, and embedding research techniques in science and the humanities into students’ assignment work.

Deakin’s School of Medicine has just completed delivery of its first year of a 4-year postgraduate curriculum. "During Years 3 and 4, our students will be placed in clinical school settings in regional Victoria [Australia], so a major focus for 2009 will be to continue building partnerships with the information services providers in those regions," Weaver says. "I also have a close working relationship with the library acquisitions department, to provide the best access to the huge variety of online resources that are continuing to be made available in medicine."

In A Day’s Work:
"A day will often involve team meetings within the library, some of which are focused on future planning," Weaver says.

Other regular daily tasks include assisting library users, visiting the School of Medicine to plan curriculum and other events in support of information fluency development, and working on collection development. "This includes recommending resources as well as reviewing resources appropriate for the collection," she says.

Most Memorable Customer Encounter:
"I regularly set up online information alerts for faculty members for professional use. However, sometimes they stray off topic; one faculty member told me a lot about his work and life in Japan, and it was interesting to compare with my own previous experiences in the Middle East."

View From The Desk:
"My office window looks into a staff office that will soon be redeveloped, along with the rest of the campus library. However, if I get up and walk to the door, I see a beautiful lake with an old bluestone church next to it, and a nice coffee house."

Outside Interest:
"I’ve always been interested in theater and am a member of the local amateur theater groups in the Geelong area."

If Not Econtent, Then What?
"I’d always be involved in something that requires information. But looking toward retirement, I could see myself teaching English as a foreign language or taking up a hobby like jewelry making."