Elizabeth Taylor, Localization Manager, FICO

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Elizabeth Taylor

Job Title
Localization Manager



Job Function
As FICO's localization manager, Elizabeth Taylor is responsible for getting user interfaces, technical documentation, and online help translated into three core languages. "While I don't do the translations, I am the hub for the various teams involved in the process, from product managers to developers, QA staff, technical writers, in-country teams, and translation vendors," Taylor says.

A substantial part of Taylor's work is to find ways to reduce costs and uncover efficiencies. She says, "I have spent much of the last 2 years consolidating our translation memories, which is a database of previous translations that can be reused in future publications." The project also involved consolidating, streamlining, and enhancing FICO's localized glossaries and implementing localization tools.

In A Day's Work
Taylor says, "I really like the diversity of my work." Some of her key tasks include planning, scoping, budgeting, and scheduling for upcoming projects, working with the product management to define priorities, documenting localization processes and policies, and educating internal staff on localization requirements. "I also work with vendors so they understand FICO's requirements," she says, which includes terminology, style guides, and tools.

Most Memorable Customer Encounter
While working on a rush global subtitling project for one of my clients, they realized that the script they had asked us to translate from Chinese into English might have been for a different clip. Since neither the vendor contact nor anyone at our client's site could speak Chinese, we got on a call with our client, who conferenced in our project team, who conferenced in one of our Chinese translators. The vendor played the audio clip through the telephone, our translator gave a rough translation of what was being played, the vendor compared it against what was showing on-screen. Thanks to quick thinking and good telephony, we confirmed we had in fact been working from the correct copy!"

View From the Desk
"FICO's San Rafael office is only about 30 minutes north of San Francisco, but it's another world; we actually get a lot of wildlife around the building. My cube is on the ground floor next to a wall of windows, so I see deer, turkey, and other wildlife regularly."

Outside Interest
"Reading, museums, art, quilting, trying new food."

If Not Econtent, Then What?
"I have always dreamed of owning a home store that sells fun paper products, cute knick-knacks, fabrics, dishes, candles, children's books, local art, etc.-basically anything I'd like in my own home."