An Interview with Julie Ross Godar, Executive Editorial Director, SheKnows Media

Article ImageName With the Face: Julie Ross Godar

Job Title: Executive Editorial Director

Organization: SheKnows Media



Job Function

As the executive editorial director for SheKnows Media, a digital media company with a mission to inspire women, Julie Ross Godar leads community content on and “We have a communications platform for people who want to write without setting up their own blog and for existing bloggers who want to amplify their voices,” says Godar. “I brainstorm with my team about ideas and prompts that our community of 70 million-plus unique monthly visitors might like to read and write about.”

In a Day’s Work

One of the main goals for Godar’s team is to identify diverse viewpoints and voices, inviting those people to share content with the SheKnows community. This ensures it reflects a breadth of opinions. “We have dedicated editors who identify voices, sites, and other communities that our members may be interested in, and I help prioritize which ones to reach out to,” Godar says.

She’s been busy working with the IT department as the company plans to consolidate content onto the platform, making it easier to amplify contributors’ voices across their syndication and distribution partners. In addition, Godar writes—“not as much as I should,” she says—producing content around the annual BlogHer conference and editorials on what the community is discussing.

Most Memorable Community Encounter

“Many of my most memorable encounters have taken place at BlogHer conferences over the years—random karaoke excursions, genius panels, and that excellent moment where you read the badge and realize you’re face-to-face for the first time with someone you’ve been working with remotely for years.”

View From the Desk

“I work at home in a loft in San Francisco. My desk faces a bookshelf, and on the adjoining wall is an enormous Jeopardy! category. My husband made it for me after I appeared on the show in 2011 and won one game! The category: Potent Potables.”

Outside Interest

“I love trivia, obviously. I’m also a mean campfire cook. I can make you a loaf of bread in the forest.”

If Not Econtent, Then What?

“My plan would be to fall back on the game show circuit to win all the money, then go into a nonprofit role. I’ve been thinking a lot since the presidential election about what’s really important to me. Real journalism and amplifying marginalized voices [are] more crucial now than ever.”

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