An Interview with Jordy Brazier, Customer Success Team Manager, FirstRain

Article ImageName With the Face: Jordy Brazier

Job Title: Customer Success Team Manager

Organization: FirstRain, Inc.


Job Function

Jordy Brazier manages the customer success team at FirstRain, Inc., which provides software analytics for customer and market intelligence to the sales and marketing departments of large companies. "Once a contract is signed, my team and I are the boots on the ground, working with the customer and our engineering team to implement the solution in the best way possible," Brazier says. To reinforce this, the group spends about half its time monitoring customer implementations through metrics such as contract fulfillment, usage, and satisfaction. The team uses those measures to target customer engagement projects, such as webinars and training, that will lead to higher usage rates of FirstRain software.

But Brazier makes it clear that his team is firmly on the customer's side. "We don't have a sales quota," he says. "We are in charge of making the customer happy day in, day out, advocating the voice of our customer back to our product and management team."

In a Day's Work

Beginning at 7 a.m., Brazier spends much of his day on the phone with customers, doing rollout planning, implementation design or testing, content configuration or training, and adoption campaigns. "We also have internal meetings with engineering ?to solve issues and brainstorm on best practices," Brazier says.

Most Memorable Customer Encounter

"A customer had a sales kick-off meeting in Miami to demo and train on our solution. One member of the customer's project team stayed with me at the booth all week, helping to demo FirstRain. It was amazing to see how passionate he was about the product. I joked with him that he should leave his job and join my team, as I couldn't have hoped for a better partner that week."

View From the Desk

"My team and I sit at six desks pushed together into a big block, so we can all see each other. I love when new hires join the group and ask questions; it gives us new blood, new energy, and keeps our processes relevant and fresh."

Outside Interest

"Badminton is a passion of mine; I've actually enrolled a number of my colleagues at FirstRain to play on a weekly basis. It's a lot of fun!"

If Not Econtent, Then What?

"I've always been interested in international relations, education, and technology, so I would probably have become a diplomat for a world organization advancing education and technology."