An Interview with Jennifer Beach, Production Operations Manager, Connotate

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Name With the Face: Jennifer Beach

Job Title: Production Operations Manager

Organization: Connotate


Job Function

Jennifer is the production operations manager for the hosted data services team at Connotate, which provides web data monitoring and extraction services for its customers. "My team writes all the processes to automate the reading, collection, publishing, and pushing of data to our customers," Beach says, noting that her group oversees 450 servers. That means working closely with Connotate's sales and professional services web harvesting teams to make sure the company delivers exactly what customers expect. "We're technologists and engineers, but with strong business analyst skills."

Beach's team also handles typical operations work, plus monitoring and response to system alerts. "Our goal is to keep all customer deployments up and running 100% ?of the time," Beach says.

In a Day's Work

"We run 24/7, so my days start early," Beach says, sometimes by 4:30 a.m. She starts by fielding questions relating to technical and business aspects of current projects. "By early afternoon, I usually turn to the design and implementation instructions for new projects," Beach says. This includes database design and project requirements, software server requisitions, and integration instructions ?for the web harvesting teams.

Most Memorable Customer Encounter

"One of the strangest things about working with web data as a professional is that you end up visiting a lot of sites that may fall outside your normal area of interest. Prospective customers have asked me to evaluate sites for gambling, escort services, high-end automobiles, and homes in the Caribbean. The ‘personalized' web ads I see after doing these types of evaluations are quite interesting, since my profile makes me seem like a 20-something wealthy high-rolling male!"

View From the Desk

"I work on the eighth floor in a building in Irvine, Calif., which means I can see lots of blue sky, green belts, and the Laguna Hills. There are a lot of water birds in the area, so if I happen to glance up and see a giant egret through the window, I feel lucky indeed."

Outside Interest

"I love watching birds and gardening, hiking in the canyons, and spending time on the wetlands and beach. My education background is ancient Greek and Latin language and literature. So I spend time in my garden reading classical texts."

If Not Econtent, Then What?

"I would probably teach. I think that the best opportunity people have to achieve their goals is through education."