An Interview with Ashley Taylor Anderson, Director of Content, Ceros

Nov 11, 2016

Article ImageName With the Face: Ashley Taylor Anderson

Job Title: Director of Content

Organization: Ceros


Job Function

As director of content at Ceros, which provides interactive content marketing software that enables designers to create catalogs, look books, magazines, and infographics without developers, Ashley Taylor Anderson functions as brand storyteller, master wordsmith, content strategist, and style police for every aspect of the organization. “I work closely with our sales team on messaging, email campaigns, and collateral, and I collaborate on a daily basis with our creative team to develop engaging content for our audience engagement and lead acquisition programs,” says Anderson.

In a Day’s Work

Most days involve a mix of interacting online with Ceros’ social media followers, kicking around creative ideas in meetings, and quality writing and editing time, which Anderson prefers to accomplish while playing a heavy metal soundtrack. “I also support our customer success and sales teams in strategy sessions to help prospects and clients incorporate interactive into their own content strategy,” she says.

Most Memorable Customer Encounter

“Last year, at a trade show in New York City, a French man came over and began to rapidly fire questions at me, then left abruptly after about 10 minutes. It was an intense, strange conversation that left me wondering what I’d done wrong. Later on, I had a phone call with the same man for a case study. He was so laid-back, I didn’t even realize it was him at first! When I finally caught on and asked him about our first encounter, he simply replied, ‘New York is very stressful.’ Wise words. We’ve had a great time working together from opposite coasts ever since.”

View From the Desk

“We have an open office layout, and my desk is planted smack in the middle of the action. I can see people playing ping pong, important meetings underway in the boardroom, and dogs chasing each other around the office.”

Outside Interest

“When I’m not at my laptop typing away on a story, you can usually find me in the kitchen baking, at my sewing machine wrestling with a costume or quilt, or curled up reading.”

If Not Econtent, Then What?

“I’d write nerdy fantasy and sci-fi novels or moonlight as a pastry chef. The former, I do in my spare time; the latter, I did at one point in my career, until the night shift turned me into a zombie.”