The Dallas Morning News: A Case of Publishing in Reverse with Small World Labs

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Article ImageIn 1885, when The Dallas Morning News first started covering the area in and around Dallas, it had a circulation of 5,000. Published by A.H. Belo, a Texas-based publisher, The Dallas Morning News now covers 65 communities in the Dallas area and has a circulation of more than half a million. Not to be left out of the internet loop, it created its web counterpart,, which now logs more than a million views a day, and, a social networking site that focuses on community-generated news.,

Business Challenge
Originally launched as a print product in April 2005 by The Dallas Morning News, neighborsgo received immense positive feedback from news-savvy community members, and it quickly grew, publishing 16 print editions by 2006. Operating with an email-only submission process, editors ran into information management problems as more and more people offered news ideas. As the submissions poured in, inboxes began to fill to capacity, and editors struggled with crashing servers and bounced emails. In 2007, neighborsgo decided to alleviate its email woes and take a more interactive approach to the submission process by setting up a social networking website for community members to post their news stories.

Vendor of Choice: Small World Labs
Founded in 2005, Small World Labs is a social media platform company that aims to help organizations unite people together using online technology. With a list of clients including Oracle, Save the Children, and Scottrade, Small World Labs helps companies build communities that work for their organizations. In 2008, Small World Labs re-created its platform technology from an API prospective, allowing the platform to be integrated on any existing system and to be easily extended to work with sites such as Facebook and

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