Rockfish: A Case of Rebuilding a Website

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Maire says Kentico is one of about a dozen "best-in-class" CMSs Rockfish considers when building a website. "For our work with Corner Bakery Cafe, Kentico provided a flexible platform for developing a responsive site while allowing for efficient hand off to marketing and content managers," she says.

Maire says that "what worked really well for Kentico in this case" was the ease of updates for the site, as well as the cost. To put it simply, "it's very affordable," Maire says, and it also offers the opportunity to add some "additional bells and whistles, as you're ready to do that."

Thom Robbins, chief evangelist for Kentico, says his company considers Rockfish to be "one of our really good partners." For this particular project, Kentico sold Rockfish its Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution (EMS) product. According to the Kentico site, this product is an "integrated Customer Experience Management solution" that "enables marketers to deliver and optimize real-time customer centric marketing across multiple channels."

The Kentico site says its EMS product can be used to get better customer insights and deliver a better customer experience, as well as achieve instant marketing results and increase campaign ROI. As Robbins puts it, EMS "gives you a whole host of functionality."

The "higher-end marketing tools" Kentico provides, Robbins says, help companies to be able to do things such as marketing automation, advanced workflow, lead scoring, lead nurturing, and a "very sophisticated" API-as well as integration with various social environments. With this last one, Robbins says, users of, for example, the Corner Bakery site can create a menu and then send it out via Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.

When all was said and done, Rockfish used Kentico's EMS product to create a Corner Bakery website that, among other things, features a new nutrition calculator, one that's fully integrated with the menu, as well as the ability to customize menu items and ingredients before ordering. The new-look site also provides a new level of responsive web design, bringing all the features and functionality of the site's desktop experience to any mobile device-allowing customers to make nutrition decisions about their takeout orders no matter where they are.


It's a new site that, as far as Robbins is concerned, knocks it out of the park. "Rockfish, as our trusted partner, did such a fantastic job on this," he says, "providing a real great customer experience [and] being able to leverage a lot of the features and functionalities that we have in Kentico."

Maire is happy with it as well. "Anytime you're working with technology, at the end of the day, the technology's got to deliver against what it said it would; you don't want surprises," she says. "What we were hoping to get, going into this, is exactly the functionality that we came out with. It's working well. It's simple to navigate. It's easy to update. So we're really pleased with the choice we made."

Perhaps most importantly, Corner Bakery has expressed its pleasure with the revamped site as well. While the restaurant declined to participate in this story, in a press release issued last October to tout the new site, Corner Bakery Cafe's CMO Diana Hovey said, "The new website's beautiful and responsive design is engaging and simple to use, whether you are in your car, at work or at home. This tool will help us scale into new markets while retaining our ever-important branding and top-notch guest experience."

"Rockfish perfectly understood our guests' on-the-go lifestyles," said Hovey. "I'm thrilled with our new website. Its responsive design is engaging and simple to use on any platform, while retaining the Corner Bakery Cafe branding and guest experience."

As Robbins says, Rockfish is one of Kentico's "really good partners." And it looks as if that partnership has yielded another successful-perhaps delicious-result. 

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