Three Ways to Produce More Value, Not Just More Content

Mar 19, 2015

WARNING: I do some soapboxing in this article so strap in.

Content Marketing is not about production. High level executives hell bent on production over substance constantly ask, "What else are we doing?" Then they want you to draw up some elaborate content calendar that "says" that you are going to do something every day.

This is wrong and should stop.

The filters for all marketing endeavors should be as follows:

?      Will this provide more value to my customers

?      Will this sell more product

That's it! Nothing else should come into play.

If the answer is not yes to either one of those questions, FORGET IT and move on. Content production for the sake of having something to post is just useless. I see this happen every day.

Recently I was watching a YouTube show. I quickly turned it off when I realized that the information that the individuals were producing were for someone who had no idea what the objectives of the show were or are. They wanted something produced. Not only is this just a giant waste of time, it flat out hurts your brand.

Now, on the other hand, you can feel the passion through the screen when an individual or group uses content to help others. The following three things are what you need to focus on to get the most out of your content:

Your Avatar

Who is your avatar; your target customer? Do you care about them? Do you care about whom they are what makes them tick? More importantly do you care about what their pain is? Most brand managers don't. We just want to make a quick buck and not worry about what really ails our customer base. So I ask again, who is your avatar? And do you care about them? If you can focus on the needs and desire of your audience and customers, you can produce better content.

Solving a Problem

After you have established who your customer REALLY is, you need to next focus on what we touched on above: what their pain points are. The oldest business maxim in history is to simply find a pain point and solve it. You can practically make a business out of anything if you focus on that. You should focus your content on this age old maxim as well. If your video, blog post, or podcast does not solve a problem for your customers, I say don't ship it.

I heard a recent podcast where Cole, from Cole's Classroom, realized one day that he wanted to start an online business using his photography skills. He started shooting weddings and other events. It was only when he sent out a post teaching his audience about his Adobe Lightroom presets (for easier photography out of the box) that his blog took off and was able to monetize it.

Finding where the pain point is can be as simple as polling your audience with SurveyMonkey, but sometimes you have to hunt and peck, but bar none you will find the pain point that you can solve more quickly by making your content about the audience and not about you.

Be selfless. Solve someone else's problem and you will be on your way to success.

Give it Away for Free

The question is, what can you give away? Yes, at the beginning I spoke about selling product but as we have seen time after time, it's the brands who give that get. Focusing content on what you can give you audience will get you closer to the coveted K.L.T. (I have written about this before but this stands for Know, Like and Trust.)

Have you ever had a person, without asking you who you are and what you need, just start selling you something? It's obnoxious. The brand that gives away some of its best content and pieces of information are normally the ones we start paying attention to and becoming fans of. Fandom turns into tribal following and then you are off to the races. You have a business.

Focus your content on your avatar, solving someone's problem and giving away your best work and your business will not only grow, your soul will as well.