50th eGranary Digital Library Installed in Haiti

May 17, 2005

The 50th eGranary Digital Library has been installed this week in Haiti, making it the first in Central America. Fifty educational institutions in Africa, Bangladesh, and now Haiti, have millions of documents available digitally, without an Internet connection through the eGranary Digital Library. The latest eGranary Digital Library is being installed in Hospice St. Joseph, a clinic in Port au Prince, and other sites are planned for schools where computers are available.

The eGranary Digital Library provides Internet resources off-line to institutions lacking adequate Internet access. Through a process of securing permission from authors and publishers, copying Web sites, and delivering them to intranet Web servers inside partner institutions in developing counties, the eGranary delivers documents that can be accessed over local area networks (LANs). The digital library provides access to educational materials including video, audio, books, journals, and Web sites.

The eGranary Digital Library represents the collective efforts of hundreds of authors, publishers, programmers, librarians, instructors and students around the globe. Some of the authors and publishers who have granted permission to distribute their works via the eGranary include: U.S. Centers for Disease Control, Columbia University, Cornell University, MIT Press, UNESCO, World Bank, the Virtual Hospital, and WHO. The eGranary Digital Library project has received funding from the University of Iowa, the MacArthur Foundation, and the U.S. Agency for International Development.