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May 31, 2010

June 2010 Issue

Social Media Metrics: How to Measure and Optimize Your Marketing Investment 
Jim Sterne
Format: Hardcover

Whether you are selling online, through a direct sales force, or via distribution channels, what customers are saying about you online is now more important than your advertising. Social media is no longer a curiosity on the horizon but a significant part of your marketing mix.

While other books explain why social media is critical and how to go about participating, Social Media Metrics focuses on measuring the success of your social media marketing efforts. Success metrics in business are based on business goals in which fame does not always equate to fortune. Read this book to determine why striving for more Twitter followers or Facebook friends than the competition is a failing strategy; how to leverage the time and effort you invest in social media; and how to convince those who are afraid of new things that social media is a valuable business tool and not just a toy for the overly wired. Knowing what works and what doesn't is terrific, but only in a constant and unchanging world. Social Media Metrics is loaded with specific examples of specific metrics that you can use to guide your social media marketing efforts as new means of communication.

Effective UI: The Art of Building Great User Experience in Software
Jonathan Anderson, John McRee, Robb Wilson
O'Reilly Media
Format: Paperback, Ebook
$44.99, $35.99
People are beginning to demand a higher standard of user experience (UX) quality from the software systems they use in their business and personal lives, and companies are looking to UX to help drive business value and increase brand strength. Effective UI provides a complete road map to building groundbreaking software centered on UX quality, including how to generate management support, employing product management strategies proven to deliver greater success, how to manage the design, engineering, staffing, and business considerations that must be centered on the user's needs, and working effectively in tandem all throughout the project.

With a focus on UX, software can exceed expectations by accounting for how people work with, think about, and consume information; establishing richer means of collaboration and communication; reducing frustration by streamlining complex tasks and creating more intuitive processes; generating more engaging and interactive experiences between consumers and businesses, or between businesspeople and their information systems; and powerfully differentiating products, services, and brands to create a competitive advantage.

For business and product managers trying to get innovative products funded and successfully built, for software professionals struggling to advance the cause of better UX, and for anyone else who needs to effectively advocate for and deliver on the promise of higher quality software, Effective UI is a comprehensive, valuable resource.

Open Leadership: How Social Technology Can Transform the Way You Lead
Charlene Li
Format: Hardcover
"Be open, be transparent, be authentic," are the current leadership mantras-but companies often push back. Business is based on the concept of control, and yet the new world order demands openness-but leaders do not know how to be both open and in control. This must-have resource will help the modern leader understand how to lead in the new open world, where blogging, Twittering, Facebooking, and Digging are becoming the norm.

The author lays out the steps that leaders must take to transform their organizations and themselves into being open-and exactly what that will mean. This book shows how to use social media to become an open organization and offers basic advice for leaders who are adapting to the new era of openness in the marketplace.

The author, Charlene Li, is one of the foremost experts on social media and technologies. In easy-to-understand language, this book will help leaders orient themselves to social networking and other technological advances.

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