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Nov 24, 2009

December 2009 Issue

Blogs I Bookmark

This is a collection of blogs hit by EContent 100 judges on a regular basis—click and learn.

Blog Name
A VCwww.avc.com/a_vcFred Wilson, a New York-based venture capitalist, provides insights into cutting-edge content technologies and digital lifestyles.
The AppGapwww.theappgap.comThis is a multiwriter blog dealing with the future of collaboration, organization, and business tools.
Beyond Searchhttp://arnoldit.com/wordpressSteve Arnold discusses search technologies and news from the world of online searching.
Chrisbrogan.comwww.chrisbrogan.comThis is a blog dedicated to social media and online community, written by a 10-year veteran of the industry.
Compete Bloghttp://blog.compete.comThis is the blog of a web analytics company, featuring various industry analyses and interesting metrics.
Content Herewww.contenthere.net/blogBloggers for strategic consulting firm Content Here, Inc. discuss developments in the world of open source content management software.
Content Matterswww.contentmatters.info/content_mattersBarry Graubart, VP of product strategy and business development at Alacra, Inc., provides thoughtful coverage of B2B content and social media.
ContentBloggerwww.shore.com/commentary/weblogsThis blog features insights and headlines from Shore Communications, Inc.'s analysts on trends in the content, communication, and collaboration markets.
Contentinoplewww.contentinople.comThis is an all-inclusive content industry blog from United Business Media Ltd.'s TechWeb with dedicated sections for content delivery networks, video sharing, and music stores. It features news, commentary, and witty observations about the industry from a variety of writers.
Copyright and Technologyhttp://copyrightandtechnology.com This blog by Bill Rosenblatt, formerly of DRM Watch, offers in-depth coverage of copyright and DRM issues across several industries.
David E. Hendersonwww.davidhenderson.comVeteran news correspondent David Henderson talks about new media and the digital communications revolution.
Digital Landfillhttp://aiim.typepad.com/aiim_blogThis blog offers trends and statistics in the field of document management from John Mancini, president of AIIM. It also features the "8 Things" series, which gives essential information about various subjects.
Idea Labwww.pbs.org/idealabThis is a group blog by recipients of the Knight News Challenge grant that discusses the authors' new media projects as well as general observations about the changing face of journalism and media.
Information Arbitragewww.informationarbitrage.comRoger Ehrenberg, managing partner of IA Capital Partners, LLC, examines digital media happenings from a Wall Street perspective.
Intelligent Agentwww.ia-blog.comRobert Berkman's business research blog covers news, emerging sources of information, and business research with a Web 2.0 spin.
J. Boye Blogwww.jboye.com/blogThis is a multiwriter blog from J. Boye consultants focusing on content creation and management, with a particular emphasis on enterprise applications.
John Battelle's Searchbloghttp://battellemedia.comJohn Battelle examines social media and new media, Web 2.0, and business community happenings. The blog also features regular interviews with businesspeople and visionaries in the field.
Jon On Techhttp://jonontech.comJon Marks, head of development at LBi, provides a clear-eyed viewpoint on anything and everything about web content management.
Nieman Journalism Labwww.niemanlab.orgThe blog of Harvard University's Nieman Journalism Lab is a collaborative effort to examine the issue of journalism's survival in the Internet Age.
The Noisy Channelhttp://thenoisychannel.comDaniel Tunkelang, former cheif scientist at Endeca Technologies, Inc.'s who is now Technical Lead/Manager at Google, writes about search and related information technologies while also delving into larger issues related to social media.
paidContent.orghttp://paidcontent.orgThis multiwriter blog, now owned by Guardian News & Media, is a valuable source of information and news on B2B content.
PersonaNonDatahttp://personanondata.blogspot.comThis blog features news, trends, and strategies from the publishing and information industries.
ProductMarketing.comwww.productmarketing.comThis blog consists of thoughts and musings on the strategic role of product management by Steve Johnson of Pragmatic Marketing.
ReadWriteEnterprisewww.readwriteweb.com/enterpriseThis is ReadWriteWeb's sister blog, devoted to Enterprise 2.0 and the business applications of social software.
ReadWriteWebwww.readwriteweb.comThis blog provides insightful and exhaustive posts on everything from blogging to ebooks to general web trends.
The Shatzkin Fileswww.idealog.com/blogMike Shatzkin covers digital content issues, particularly those related to trade book publishing.
Silicon Alley Insiderwww.businessinsider.com/alleyinsiderThis blog offers entertaining, financially oriented coverage of the technology world from a consumer market perspective.
TechCrunchwww.techcrunch.comThis is a wildly diverse blog that covers new products and technologies from both a consumer and business perspective.
Tippingpoint Labshttp://blog.tippingpointlabs.com/blogThis is a multiwriter blog chronicling the connection between content and brand value featuring trends, news, and analysis.

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